Prior to 1960s, Dalupaon used to celebrate its annual feast every 24th day of June in commemoration of the birth of St John the Baptist, the barrio’s patron.

June has always been the beginning of the rainy season nationwide. The unfavorable weather condition that always affected the barrio in the past fiestas had led the council to consider moving the feast to an earlier date. May wasn’t the right month because of conflict with another local and national event “Agua de Mayo.” Thus, the “Fiesta” was moved to the 24th day of April by Barangay Chief Rodrigo Pasilaban a.k.a. Kapitan Igoy.

Take note that during Spanish colonial period, a village’s leader was called Cabeza de Barangay (Head of the Barangay), which was a hereditary position among native nobility. Under the democratic rule after American colonial period, the leader was called either Chief of the Barangay or Capitán del Barrio. Since the presidency of Ferdinand E. Marcos, the leader has been called either Barangay Captain or Punong Barangay.

In 2009, “Galeónes Festival” was declared by Barangay Captain Joselito Villaflor to be celebrated during the week-long fiesta to remember the two Spanish galleons (Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe and the Santo Ángel de la Guarda) that were built at the astillero (shipyard) of Dalupaon in 1600.

Today, the barangay celebrates a week-long fiesta, which highlights the piracy of Moros in Ragay Gulf, the occupation of Spanish Conquistadores, the arrival of American missionaries, and the foundation of the barangay with locals from across the Bicol peninsula and Quezon province.