Relief Goods, Donations from JVargas Solid Riders Club

Dalupaon received 91 boxes of relief goods from DSWD and 100 blankets, 60 sleeping mats, 100 towels, and 112 food packs containing rice, sardines, noodles, and bottled water from private individuals in Metro Manila:

Mr. Robwel Valenzuela
Ms. Wendy Bejerano
Mr. Emman Mosatalla
Ms. Racel Ilagan
Mr. Edison Panimdim
Ms. Sheryl Creo and Sonny Barranda
Mr. Ronald Valenzuela
Ms. Hannah Valenzuela
Nice Hotel
JVargas Solid Riders Club by Mr. Rodley Salum
Mr. Jhun Caño

All relief goods and donations were received by Barangay Captain Hon. Brandon Barranda and Barangay Councilors Hon. Wilfredo Panimdim, Hon. Eron Bombales, and Hon. Nelia Niepe.

Please keep sending your relief goods or other donations to the Barangay Council and private individuals raising funds for Dalupaon. It will take us more months to recover from all damages caused by the onslaught of Super Typhoon Goni, locally called Super Typhoon Rolly.

May Go, a Zone 5 resident, receives relief goods | Photo: Eron B. /
Other residents receive relief goods | Photo: Eron B. /
Relief Goods, Donations from JVargas Solid Riders Club
Dalupaoans receiving relief goods at Dalupaon covered court | Photo: Eron B. /